About Us

Rooted in consumer branding, DJPA has experience in consumer psychology related to creating desirable brands.
We have been in Dar es Salaam for over 12 years – a Tanzanian company with a predominantly Tanzanian workforce.
The strategic and creative capabilities are wide and diverse, but more importantly, goal oriented.  We believe that there must be a compelling and consistent communication at all touchpoints (all areas where a target audience comes into contact with a brand).
The working method of DJPA is geared towards reliability and excitement.

Our mentality is no-nonsense, hands-on and client focused.
We believe our global experience and local knowledge, as well as drawing from the inherent creativity within each of our valued employees making up the whole, makes DJPA one of the strongest agencies in Tanzania.
DJPA has developed a creative toolkit, which consists of a range of instruments, all geared towards effective solutions that contribute to the client’s objectives, and further.
The range of services offered can best be described as full service, from initial brief to production deliverables.
Experts in our field with 100% focus at all times.

Latest news: DJPA is now partnering with Meerkatz
We are excited to announce that our collaboration expands the agency offerings to digital, engagement, activation and experiential marketing.

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